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Dr. Christopher Dietzel

Dr. Christopher Dietzel

Dr. Christopher Dietzel (he/him) has conducted cutting-edge research on LGBTQ+ people’s experiences with dating apps and has contributed to broader scholarly work about creating safer digital spaces for diverse communities as well as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginalized communities. Dietzel’s research explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, safety, health, and technology, and he has worked in Canada, the United States, France, Singapore, and Australia. Dietzel speaks English and French, and he brings a wealth of experience in qualitative methods, knowledge synthesis, and participatory approaches that engage diverse populations in research.

In the Media

Dietzel, C. (2019, December 20). Consent on dating apps and unsolicited dick pics [Podcast interview]. The Gays Are Revolting, Lipp Media.

Dietzel, C. (2021, August 2). LGBTQ+ people’s experiences with dating apps and technology: A chat with Kilduh Secret, Melbourne-based drag queen [Instagram interview]. Instagram Live.

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Seth, A. (2023, May 13). Cyberbullying on the rise amid advancing tech [TV interview, Christopher Dietzel]. CTV News.

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Previous Work

Shariff, S., Dietzel, C., Macaulay, K., & Sanabria, S. (2023). Misogyny in the metaverse: Leveraging policy and education to address technology-facilitated violence. In Cowie & Myers (Eds.) Cyberbullying and online harms: Preventions and interventions from community to campus(pp. 103–116). Routledge.

Dietzel, C. (2022). “I'm not your fantasy”: Sexual racism, racial fetishization, and the exploitation of racialized men who have sex with men. In Fellows & Smith (Eds.) Gender, sex, and tech! An intersectional feminist guide (pp. 101–120). Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press.

Dietzel, C. (2022). The three dimensions of unsolicited dick pics: Sexual minority men’s experiences of sending and receiving unsolicited dick pics on dating apps. Sexuality & Culture, 26, 834–852.

Flynn, & N. Henry (Eds.), The Emerald international handbook of technology-facilitated violence and abuse(pp. 351–368). Emerald.

Albury, K., Dietzel, C., Pym, T., Vivienne, S., & Cook, T. (2021). Not your unicorn: Trans dating app users’ negotiations of personal safety and sexual health. Health Sociology Review, 30(1), 72–86.

Namaste, V., Gaspar, M., Lavoie, S., McClelland, A., Sims, E., Tigchelaar, A., Dietzel, C., & Drummond, J. D. (2021). Willed ambiguity: An exploratory study of sexual misconduct affecting sexual minority male university students in Canada. Sexualities, 24(8), 1041–1060.

Shariff, S. & Dietzel, C. (Eds.) (2023). Interrupting sexual violence: The power of law, education, and media. Peter Lang. 

Dietzel, C. (2023). Exploring connections between sexual violence and dating apps: A focus on the experiences of men who have sex with men. In S. Shariff & C. Dietzel (Eds.), Interrupting sexual violence: The power of law, education, and media (pp. 219–239). Peter Lang.

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