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Dr. Alexa Dodge

Dr. Alexa Dodge

Dr. Alexa Dodge (she/her) is an Assistant Professor in Criminology at Saint Mary’s University. She has been at the forefront of Canadian research on technology-facilitated sexual violence. In addition to her major contributions to Canadian academic research, she has also written a publicly accessible report on alternative responses to technology-facilitated violence and bullying that has been consulted by provincial and federal governments. She has mobilized her knowledge in this area through several publicly accessible educational presentations on this topic for young people, policy makers, and community organizations.

In the Media

Dodge, A. (2021, December 7). Deleting digital harm: A review of Nova Scotia’s CyberScan unit.

Dodge, A. (2021). Responding to nonconsensual intimate image distribution in Canada [Video]. The Gender-Based Violence Learning Network’s Video Series for Professionals and Community. Learning Network and Knowledge Hub.

Dodge, A. (2021). Sexting, consent, and sex ed [Video]. The Cumberland Sexual Health Centre’s Educational Video Series. YouTube.

Garcha, N. (2023, April 14). Canada facing an ‘epidemic’ of sextortion cases among children, teens [Quoted]. Global News.

Khan, A. (2023, March 14). Nova Scotians aren’t getting the help they need to remove online intimate images, expert says [Quoted]. CBC News.

Previous Work

Dodge, A. (2023). Looking beyond the law to respond to technology-facilitated violence and bullying: Lessons learned from Nova Scotia’s CyberScan unit. Crime, Media, Culture, 0(0).

Dodge, A., & Lockhart, E. (2022). ‘Young People Just Resolve It in Their Own Group’: Young People’s Perspectives on Responses to Non-Consensual Intimate Image Distribution. Youth Justice, 22(3), 304–319.

Dodge, A. (2021). Restorative Responses to the Rhizomatic Harm of Nonconsensual Pornography . In Powell, Flynn, & Sugiura (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Gendered Violence and Technology (pp. 565–582). Springer International Publishing.

Dodge, A. (2021). “Try Not to be Embarrassed”: A Sex Positive Analysis of Nonconsensual Pornography Case Law. Feminist Legal Studies 29 (1):23-41.

Dodge, A. (2021). Trading Nudes Like Hockey Cards: Exploring the Diversity of ‘Revenge Porn’ Cases Responded to in Law. Social & Legal Studies, 30(3), 448–468.

Dodge, A. (2019). Nudes are Forever: Judicial Interpretations of Digital Technology’s Impact on “Revenge Porn”. Canadian Journal of Law and Society / La Revue Canadienne Droit Et Société, 34(1), 121-143.

Dodge, A., & Spencer, D. C. (2018). Online Sexual Violence, Child Pornography or Something Else Entirely? Police Responses to Non-Consensual Intimate Image Sharing among Youth. Social & Legal Studies, 27(5), 636–657

Dodge, A. (2016). Digitizing rape culture: Online sexual violence and the power of the digital photograph. Crime, Media, Culture, 12(1), 65–82.

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