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Young people deserve tools and information that help them connect in safe, enjoyable, and empowering ways.

Digitally Informed Youth (DIY) Digital Safety is a five-year research project that aims to empower young people and provide them with tailored resources so they can have safe and enjoyable interactions online and offline. This project prioritizes the voices of diverse youth, including Indigenous youth and those across the spectrums of gender and sexuality, and we partner with young people and youth-focused organizations from across Canada to ensure the resources we develop are equitable, evidence-informed, and youth centred. We also work with critical stakeholders, including educators, policymakers, and lawmakers, to promote digital safety among youth and mitigate technology-facilitated sexual violence (TFSV) in Canada.

In addition to providing educational resources and recommendations for best practices, we are working to develop the DIY: Digital Safety website into an open-access knowledge hub. Our goal is to provide relevant, timely educational resources to foster digital literacy, address TFSV, and facilitate safer and more meaningful connections among young people.

DIY: Digital Safety is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 

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